About Devyn Kelly

Kelly Marie Bryant now known as Devyn Kelly is A Houston Texas native. A product of Houston’s 3rd ward community Devyn was actively involved in community theatre at the ensemble theatre & the church choir at age 3. Innocent & confident child was never afraid or ashamed to flaunt her God given gift. At age 4 she sang her first solo. Then, her family knew she would be a performer. In every performance she wowed the audience with her dynamic vocal range & her natural stage presence. Kelly attended performing arts schools studying classical , musical theatre, jazz & contemporary vocals. Being that both of her parents are singers & her mother was a songwriter singing was never a chore. Devyn attended the prestigious High School for the Performing & Visual Arts. At the of age 15 Devyn recorded her first major project in efforts to explore the world and gain recognition as an Music Artist, thereof. This project was regionally successful afforded her the opportunity to go to Paris, Barcelona, Venice & Germany.

Those travels changed her life & reassured her that she wanted to sing around the world. Upon graduating High School, Kelly auditioned and was accepted to attend The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles to further her education in Music. During her tenure at American Musical and Dramatic Academy, Devyn learned from some of the best musicians the world has to offer. Sadly, Devyn also tragically lost her brother during this period, and incident that continues to motivate her to this day.

Shortly after graduation she moved to New York City & explore a new world of music & creativity. She used this time to perform, write songs, record, explore her artistry & define the essence of her being.

After a short time in the,” City of Dreams”, Devyn’s songwriting & freelance vocal coaching led her back to Los Angeles. Upon her arrival, she immediately hit the local mic scene & made a name for herself as a dynamic live performer. Audiences all over L.A. immediately became captivated by her innocent appeal, her powerful voice & dynamic range.

Kelly has worked as a lead singer, songwriter/vocal producer, written for tv/film, featured in music video & sang background for major artist. Now, her singing career is soaring to new heights!

Devyn Kelly